What we do

A commercial location, true vector of image

Today, a commercial location must no longer simply be analyzed as a simple point of sale generating turnover; the store has become a true vector of image, it must provide an experience for the consumer and reflect the positioning of the brand.

Our network, our experience and our knowledge of the market allow us to approach directly and easily the major actors of commercial real estate of center town may them be signs or lessors.

If you want to open a first point of sale, we will analyze with you the positioning of your brand, the typology of your customers and your expectations in order to target the sector, the artery and the ideal site while staying in line with your budget.

If you are a brand and want to acquire or sell an identified site, our direct approach methods will guarantee the strict confidentiality that is essential for the success of these operations.

We work closely and confidentially with our clients. Thanks to the networks of the members of our team and their experience, we are able to answer all your questions related to commercial real estate.


Our job as an intermediary revolves around these 3 axes :

Advice to the owners

• Commercialization of the ground floors of buildings

• Analysis of the rental value and advice on lease renewal strategy

Advice to the brands

• Assignment of right to the lease / Transfer of goodwill / Shares of companies holding one or more leases

• Site search and tenant representation

• Lease renewal strategy consulting

• Network Arbitrage

Advice to the investors

• Acquisition of commercial walls at the ground floor of buildings, shopping center, retail park

• Sale of commercial walls at the ground floor of buildings, shopping center, retail park